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Syromalabar Sabhayude Qurbanakramam - 1962

സീറോ മലബാർ സഭയുടെ കുർബ്ബാന ക്രമം-1962


Detail of 1 to 58 pages

  • Printed at - The Mar Thoma Sleeha Press, Alwaye
  • Year - 1962
  • Imprimatur
    • Joseph Parecattil - (Archbishop of Ernakulam)
    • Mathew Kavukatt - (Archbishop of Changanachery)
    • George Alapat - (Bishop of Trichur)
    • Thomas Tharayil - (Bishop of Kottayam)
    • Sebastian Vayalil - (Bishop of Palai)
    • Sebastian Vallopilly - (Bishop of Thellicherry)
    • Mathew Pothanamuzhy - (Bishop of Kothamangalam)
  • Date of Publication - 3rd July, 1962


Details of 1 to 62 pages

  • Printed at - The Mar Thoma Sleeha Press Alwaye
  • Year - 1960
  • Imprimatur - JOSEPH PARECATTIL (Archbishop of Ernakulam)
    • Fr. Joseph Vithayathil
    • Fr. John Puthankary
  • Date & Place of Publication - 12-05-1960, Ernakulam

Courtesy - Fr. Cyril Thayyil

Call Number : RR-091/CT


Solemn High Mass of Syro Malabar Church in Syriac

സീറോ മലബാർ സഭയുടെ ആഘോഷമായ പാട്ടുകുർബാന സുറിയാനി ഭാഷയിൽ

വിശ്വാസപരിശീലന കേന്ദ്രം
പാലാ രൂപത

 Courtesy - Fr. Cyril Thayyil

Call Number : RR-090


Solemn Holy Mass of Feasts

തിരുനാൾ പാട്ടുകുർബാന


Fr. Abel C.M.I.

  • Published on - 15-11-1987 , Ernakulam
  • Language - Malayalam

Call Number : RR-089


Sanyasisanyasinimaarkuvendiulla Mruthasamskarakarmam

സന്യാസീസന്യാസിനിമാർക്കുവേണ്ടിയുള്ള മൃതസംസ്കാരകർമ്മം

Lyrics By


  • Printed at - Ernakulam
  • Year - 1-1-1987

Call Number : RR-088


Njanganayude paattu

ഞാങ്ങണയുടെ പാട്ട്

Malayalam Poems by

George Panjara

Call Number : RR-087


Syriac Qurbana Song Notation (Manuscript)


Fr. Everistic C. M. I.

Call Number : RR-086


Remembrance of the Dead Beloveds

മരിച്ചവരുടെ ഓർമ്മ

Lyrics by


  • Copyright Reserved to -Fr. Provincial , C.M.I., Kottayam, CMI Provinicial House, Kottayam
  • Distributors-Deepika Book House,Kottayam
  • Printed at -Deepika Offset Printers, Kottayam
  • Copies- 5000
  • Imprimatur- Joseph Cardinal Parecatil, ArchBishop of Ernakulam

Call Number : RR-085


Requiem Mass

മരിച്ചവർക്കുവേണ്ടിയുള്ള പാട്ടുകുർബാന

Lyrics by


  • Printed at - Ernakulam
  • Year - 11-4-1988.

Call Number : RR-084


Raaza rites of Syro Malabar Church (Solemn High Mass)

സീറോ-മലബാർ സഭയുടെ ആഘോഷപൂർവ്വമായ റാസക്രമം

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 Thaksa of Syro-Malabar Church -1968

സീറോമലബാർ സഭയുടെ കുർബാനക്രമം-1968

(Rights reserved by Syro Malabar Liturgical Committee)

  • Printed at - Mar Thoma Sleeha Press, Alwaye
  • Year -1968
  • Language - Malayalam

The name of St. Joseph the Just was part of the commemoration section in this Malayalam Thaksa, printed in 1968. Later editions, for unknown reasons, omitted the name. In 2016, Pope Francis asked the Roman Catholics to include the name.

Keywords - Syro Malabar liturgy and St. Joseph, Malayalam Taksa 1968

Call Number : RR-082

Music Resource : MA-SYR-01


Qambel Māran Syriac Chants from South India

The first commercial CD of chants from the liturgy of the Syro Malabar Church

Our Mission

Christian Musicological Society of India is an international forum for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge, on the music, art and dance of about thirty million Christians in India, who belong to a diverse set of communities and linguistic groups and follow a variety of liturgical traditions some of which date back to the early Christian era. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI, the Society hopes that such researches will draw attention to the lesser known aspects of India in connection with the rest of the world.


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