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Children beat Corona virus by choral singing. SMYM KATTAPPANA Forane.

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AP 198 - Children beat Corona virus by choral singing. SMYM KATTAPPANA Forane.
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AP 198

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Children beat Corona virus by choral singing. SMYM KATTAPPANA Forane.
Duration 5:38
Place of Recording Group recording on Smule App of children from SMYM Kattapana Forane Church,Idukki
Date of Recording 19 May 2020
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Children beat Corona virus by choral singing. SMYM KATTAPPANA Forane

The Syro Malabar Youth Movement (SMYM) of Kattappana Forane Church organizes a choral presentation of Hellleluia. 19 May 2020. Special thanks to Fr. Sebastian Muthuplackal and Nazrani Padana Parampara (Nazrani Learning Series).

First of all, we need to appreciate the initiative of the Kattappana Forane SMYM in choosing a joyful song to uplift our souls at a sad time in the world. It reminds us that we should praise God, Hallel Yahweh, Halleluia, at all times.

Second, the melody poses a question to those who think that Syriac chants are sad and appropriate only for funeral services. The melody here is bright and upbeat. The tonal center of this melody is in the middle of a six-note scale. In the opening phrase, that tonal center is approached from a perfect fourth below, giving a sense of joyful, upward, dancelike movement and highlight the meaning of the text.

Third, we do not know the composer of the melody. The melody may be of Kerala origin. It lacks the Middle Eastern flavor. The relationship between adjacent pitches does not have the ornamentations characteristic of the Carnatic or Hindustani classical vocalization. It requires further research to determine the sources of several of the melodies of the solemn Qurbana of the Syro Malabar Church.

We are grateful to Fr. Sebastian Muthuplackal and his academic initiative under the banner of Nazrani Padana Parampara

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
28 July 2020

Keywords: Kattappana Forane Church, Sebastian Muthuplackal, Helleluia, Nazrani Padana Parampara

User Comments

  • Amidst the gloom of COVID Pandemic , this initiative is a source of immense joy and overwhelming hope. Revival of Syriac and reclaiming our legacy has been a task with too many imponderables . However the tide has turned in our favour and we have at least three online programmes for learning Syriac . Amongst these the one from Malankara Nasrani Yogam is run by learned laity - a sign of changing times . Nallathanny Research Centre is all set to start their online Syriac Diploma course affiliated to Paurastya Vidyapeedam. The crown in this quest for Syriac literacy is the ' House of Wisdom of East Syriac ' established by the Eparchy of Pala.

    Kudos to Muthuplackal Rev Sebastian Kathanar ( Nallathanny Research Centre ) Sr Mary Augustine ( Nasrani Padana Parambara ) and Ms. Anitta Jose ( SMYM , Kattappana Forane ) for their efforts and thanks to Palackal Rev Yawsep Kathanar for launching our Children on to an International Stage . The intervention and the new perspectives offered by Palackal Rev Yawsep Kathanar has enriched this video in a special way and let's hope that this video will be put to use as a source of inspiration in our Sunday Schools - Amel Antony - 30 July 2020

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