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Names of 73 books in the Catholic Bible in poetic form

Fr. John Vianney, CMI

Fr. John Vianney Choorakkunnel, CMI recites the names of the 73 books in the Catholic Bible in poetry that he composed. Recorded at Tulsa, Oklahoma. 20 June 2020. See more on Directory of Christian Music

Keywords : John Vianney, CMI. Choorakkunnel. Books in the Bible. Catholic bible

It was indeed an honor to reconnect with my preceptor at St; Joseph's Postulant's Home at Kalamassery (in 1967). Fr. John Vianney Choorakkunnel, a young and enthusiastic priest, used poetry and music to spice our lives. He would even allow us to listen to film songs on the radio and analyze the contents of the lyrics. Fr. Vianney's love for poetry was amazing. One day, he sang to us the names of the books of the Bible. I memorized it and used it for many years to locate the books in the Bible. In 2015, when we met in New York, I thought of documenting the poem in his own voice for the benefit of others who might make use of them. More importantly, I am honored to have him on this web site. He has played a significant role in developing my interest in music and poetry. Thank you, Vianney acha.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
19 August 2020

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