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"Neram Mangi Mayangunnu "

Dr. Joseph Palackal sings Live at K. K. Antony Master's Night.

Dr. Joseph Palackal sings " Neram Mangi Mayangunnu.." at KK Antony Master's 25th Death Anniversary Celebrations - 'Guru Pooja,' at Antony Master's home parish. Keywords: K. K. Antony Master, Fr. Joseph Palackal, CMI

Note: It was an honor for me to sing this song that Antony Master taught me sometime in 1974. He also taught me several compositions in Karnatic music. Antony Master composed this melody to Fr. Abel CMI's lyrics, based on the words of the disciples to Emmaus, in Lk 24:28-29. Fr. Abel took a turn from the scene on the way to Emmaus to a personal request of the faithful today in the second stanza, and from there to the contemporary world of suffering and sorrow in the third stanza. Antony Master imbibed the mood of the request in the refrain ("O Lord, please don't leave, but stay with me") and brought out the sense of earnest supplication in the melody. I am not sure if this melody appears in any of the recordings. The melody impressed me deeply and I used to sing it on special occasions, especially after Communion during requiem Qurbana. I chose to sing this song from all of Antony Master's myriad compositions because of the personal connection. Kalabhavan orchestra provided the background music. The orchestra members composed the introduction and the interlude for this occasion. Probably, this video is the only document of this melody. The lyric is included in the book, "Father abelinte bhakti ganangal" (Kottayam1997). See item no 008-136 Reference: K. K. Antony Master on our Personality page: http://christianmusicologicalsocietyo...

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
13 March 2020

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