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 RR-200 to RR-151

Call Number: RR-188/JT/JG


Sleehanmarude Koodashakramam 2003

ശ്ലീഹന്മാരുടെ കൂദാശക്രമം 2003

Courtesy : Joseph Thekkedath Puthenkudy & Jose George Mappilaparambil

Call Number: RR-190/JG


Liturgy of Syro Malabar Church (Holy Week)

സീറോമലബാർസഭയുടെ ആരാധനക്രമം


  • Varkey Cardinal Vithayathil, CSs.R. (Major ArchBishop of Syro Malabar Church)
  • Bishop Mar George Punnakottil ( Chairman, Syro Malabar Synodal Commission for Liturgy)


Courtesy : Jose George

Call Number: RR-187


Armenian Cross

Courtesy : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Call Number: RR-186


The Reform of the Sacraments of Initiation in the Syro-Malabar Church
: Impact and Implementation of OE 12-141


Joseph Alencherry

The initial part of Orientalium Ecclesiarum (1-11) focuses mainly on certain ecclesiological and canonical issues, and the articles that follow (OE 12-23) deal with sacramental and liturgical disciplines. This latter set of articles starts with the rules regarding the Sacraments of Initiation, particularly in OE 12-14. This study concentrates on these three articles of OE, and its impact and implementation in the Syro-Malabar Church.

  • Copyright - © Published in Revisiting Vatican II: Orientalium Ecclesiarum after Fifty Years, Francis Thonippara (ed.)


  • Publisher - Dharmaram Publications, Bengaluru 2016, 157-172.


Call Number: RR-185


Kalabhavan Shilpavum Shilpiyum (A memoir)

കലാഭവൻ ശിൽപവും ശിൽപിയും (സ്മരണനിക)

Edited by

Mathukutty J. Kunnapally

Call Number: RR-185a


G. Sankarakurupp on Fr. Abel

വൈദിക കവിയെപറ്റി മഹാകവി ജി. ശങ്കരകുറുപ്പ്

Extract from the Book
Kalabhavan ShilpavumShilpiyum
(A memoir)

Edited by

Mathukutty J. Kunnapally

Call Number: RR-185b


Fr. Abel on Joseph J. Palackal

ഫാ. ജോസഫ് പാലയ്ക്കലിനെ കുറിച്ചു ഫാ. ആബേൽ

Extract from the Book
Kalabhavan ShilpavumShilpiyum
(A memoir)


Edited by

Mathukutty J. Kunnapally

Call Number: RR-184


Funeral rites for the Priests and Bishops

മൃതസംസ്കാര കർമ്മം വൈദികരുടെയും മെത്രാൻമാരുടെയും


Fr. Abel, CMI

Rights Reserved © 11-10-1994

Call Number: RR-183


Songs of Worship



Fr. Abel C.M.I

Rights Reserved © 25-4-1971

Call Number: RR-182


Dharmaram Vidhya  Kshetram Bangalore Denha Endowment Lectures 2014-15


Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI

Topic - Syriac Heritage and the faith formation of the Syro Malabar Catholics of Bangalore

For Lecture Video refer Aramaic Project 167

Dr. George Nedugatt's comment Letter1 , Letter2

Call Number: RR-181


Benediction - Booklet (Malayalam)

പരി. കുർബാനയുടെ വാഴ്വ്

This booklet is a precious relic from the past. It comes from the transitional period in the history of the Syro Malabar liturgy in Kerala in the 1960s. The Syro Malabar Church introduced the Malayalam version of Qurbana in 1962. The Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, however, continued to be celebrated in Syriac. Fr. Abel Periyapuram, CMI (1920-2001) prepared a Malayalam version of the text and ritual for Benediction in 1968. What we see here is the digital version of the first edition of a 16-page booklet (10.5 cms x 7.2 cms) with the songs, prayers and the ritual for Benediction. Fr. Abel gave the title in Malayalam as Parišuddha qurbānyuṭe wāzhwu (Blessing of the Holy Qurbana).

Our Mission

Christian Musicological Society of India is an international forum for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge, on the music, art and dance of about thirty million Christians in India, who belong to a diverse set of communities and linguistic groups and follow a variety of liturgical traditions some of which date back to the early Christian era. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI, the Society hopes that such researches will draw attention to the lesser known aspects of India in connection with the rest of the world.


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