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Aramaic Project - I

Interviews and Performances - Video List

No. 350 to 341

AP 347 - Bilingual Qurbana (Malayalam/Syriac).Vestition of Abhishekagni Sisters. USA

Vestition and Prifession of Abhishekagni Sisters of Jesus & Mary. St. Thomas the Apostle Cathedral, Chicago. 7 October 2023 .............


AP 346 - KYANAYA - Toward a Syriac Music Theory - JOSEPH PALACKAL, CMI

As a result of the unusual historical trajectories, the Syro Malabar Church in Kerala, India, inherited the Chaldean liturgy in East Syriac (Christian Aramaic) in the early Christian era. .............


AP 345 - സുറിയാനി ഗീതം | ഏസ്സാ ഉ മിൻ പിക് ആസാ|By TEAM DHARMARAM | World East Syriac Day

This non-liturgical religious song is a new addition to the East-Syriac chant repertory. The Dharmamram team under the leadership of Fr. Cyriac Madathil, CMI took the initiative.............


AP 344 - On Liturgical Space Time and Puqdankon. Dr. Pauly Maniyattu

In this interview, Dr. Pauly Maniyattu explains his novel idea of liturgical space-time compared to a similar concept in the Indian tradition............


AP 343 - Major Archbishop, Cardinal Alencherry: Commemoration Hymn in Syriac.

During Nuptial Qurbana (Syro Malabar) at MaryQueen Church, Thoppil. 19 September 2023............


AP 342 - Laku Mara and Qandisa Alaha during Bilingual Qurbana

It seems more and more priests in the Syro Malabar Church are getting comfortable with the idea of bilingual Qurbana............


AP 341 -Institution Narrative in Malayalam and Syriac. A return to the recent past

Celebrant: Fr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI. St. Mary's Church, Kaduthuiruthy. Saturday, 22 July 2023...........


Our Mission

Christian Musicological Society of India is an international forum for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge, on the music, art and dance of about thirty million Christians in India, who belong to a diverse set of communities and linguistic groups and follow a variety of liturgical traditions some of which date back to the early Christian era. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI, the Society hopes that such researches will draw attention to the lesser known aspects of India in connection with the rest of the world.


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