Varaprasada Poornne Maria Swasthi - Oshana

DCS-010 A  Varaprasada Poornne - Oshana

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Call Number : MA-MAL-022-DCS-010 A


Varaprasada Poornne Mariye Swasthi

( വരപ്രസാദ പൂർണ്ണേ മരിയേ സ്വസ്തി )

Marian Song



Fr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI & Kochu Lakshmi

Lyrics - Fr. Joseph Manakkel

Call Number : DCS-010 A


We are glad to post a few Marian songs from our collection during the month of May to honor the Blessed Virgin. Fr. Joseph Manakkil, a great lyricist of Christian songs in Malayalam, uses the litany of the Blessed Virgin to create a garland of Marian epithets in this song. It was indeed an honor to sing Fr. Manakkil's lyrics for this album. Most probably, the opening phrase of the bouncy melody came from the mouth of Fr. Manakiil himself. Kochulakshmi from Mercy College, Palakkad joined us for the recording. It was Sr. Sheila Kannath, CMC who introduced Kochulakshmi to our team. We sang together in several albums that Mercy College published under the supervision of Sr. Sheila. We hope this song will help the Catholic listeners to meditate on the various attributes of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the remaining days of this month.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
3 May 2021

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