OM Jagath Jyothi - Christian Bhajans By Fr. Joseph J. Palackal

DCS-021 OM Jagath Jyothi - Christian Bhajans By Fr. Joseph J.Palackal

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Call Number : DCS-021


OM Jagath Jyothi

ഓം ജഗത് ജ്യോതി

Christian Bhajans


Fr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI

Music - Fr. Anto Amarnad, C.M.I.

Call Number : DCS-21

  • Lyrics - Fr. Johny Manavalan, C.M.I. (1953-1981)
  • Language - Malayalam
  • Music - Fr. Anto Amarnad, C.M.I.
  • Recorded at - Deccan Records, Bangalore
  • Album - Christian Bhajans By Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI (Track No. 7)
  • Directory of Christian Songs (Call Number) -MA-MAL-02-DCS-21


We prayerfully post this video on the fortieth death anniversary of Fr. Johny Manavalan, CMI, who wrote the unique lyrics of this chant. Fr. Manvalan and Dr. Anto Amarnad, CMI, the composer of the melody, were part of an experiment of simple living in a small hut within the compound of Dharmaram College, Bengaluru. Our philosophy professor, Dr. Francis Vineeth Vadakkethala, proposed the revolutionary idea and guided the seminarians who joined with him in the experiment. The group celebrated liturgy in the Indian style inside the hut. The inspiration for the lyrics of this bhajan came from that context.

Fr. Manavalan was not shy to use the sacred syllable OM to start the bhajan. The second side of the Long Play record of Christian Bhajans started with this bhajan. Soon after the release of the LP, this chant became a point of contention. Some critics objected to the use of OM, which they considered “Hindu.” The Indian liturgy group did not think that way. See a discussion on this topic at Aramaic Project 76 (1:01:29) We have been singing chants with OM on various occasions at Dharmaram College. The staff and students in general resonated with those vibrations.

Fr. Manavalan died in a tragic car accident in the Diocese of Bijnor. May his soul rest in peace. His legacy shall live through this chant. It was indeed an honor, and a blessing to know Fr. Manavalan and render voice to his lyrics.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
18 May 2021

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