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Call Number : MA-MAL-02-DCS-022

Om Guru Om Guru

ഓം ഗുരു ഓം ഗുരു

Christian Bhajans (LP Record 1979) By Fr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI

Lyrics - Fr. Anto Amarnad, CMI


This unique bhajan has an exciting story behind it. That story begins with a saintly CMI priest, Fr. Michael Purattukara (1948-2016), who, even as a young seminarian, was inclined toward inculturation of Christian theology and the Indian form of Sanyasa. Fr. Michael adopted the name Sadanand (Sanskrit, “always cheerful”), which matched his personality. Young Sadanand heard a captivating, ebullient bhajan at the Ramkrishnashram in Thrissur in Kerala during one of his summer vacations. When he returned to Dharmaram College, Fr. Michael introduced a cassette recording of the bhajan to me and asked me to change the words so that we seminarians could sing it during our prayer gatherings. Accordingly, I modified the text to fit into Christian theology and sang at our small community that lived in a hut within the Dharmaram campus. Everybody liked the upbeat and joyful mood of the bhajan. We were already at home with such terms as OM and Satchidananda. The bhajan in the LP is shorter than the original version. Nevertheless, the melody and the mood are intact. Jesus O divine Guru, You are the truth, consciousness, and bliss. You are my personal Guru O Jesus, the truth, consciousness and bliss; You are the Guru of the world; You be praised O Guru who is the truth, consciousness and bliss. This bhajan promotes concentration and devotion. One can go on singing it for hours with the help of accompaniments and choir. It helps to experience Jesus as one’s sole divine guru and worship him in the inner cave of one’s heart and consciousness.

Prof. Dr. Anto Amarnad, CMI
7 June 2021

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