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Call Number : CMSI-232

Ende Vranitha Sariram
എൻ്റെ വൃണിത ശരീരം

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Sung by Joseph J. Palackal, CMI.
Lyrics: P. Bhaskaran
Music: Jerry Amaldev
Album: Music for Life - Asathoma Satgamaya.
Publisher: Deccan Records, Bengaluru (1985)

Note: This track from the Album, Music for Life in Malayalam is written by famous poet and lyricists P Bhaskaran. The album resulted from an ambitious project that I embarked on to create a new genre of songs in Malayalam that is different from film, religious, liturgical, folk classical, and other kinds of music. This was an enthusiastic young man’s dream. There was no guarantee that it would be commercially successful or that the Kerala audience would embrace something unusual. I was already a contracted artist with the Deccan Records in Bengaluru. Deccan went along with releasing my LP record of Christian Bhajans (1979) soon after the first EP (45 RPM) of Christian songs under the direction of the famous film music director, K. J. Joy. Both records were commercially successful. Nevertheless, George Thangiah, the Managing Director of Deccan Records, was hesitant about experimenting with a new music genre. After many discussions, Mr. Thangiah agreed to produce the album. I was a music student at M. S. University in Baroda, far away from Kerala. Fr. Joseph Kuntharayil, CMI and out common poet-friend, Dr. Cherian Kunianthodath, CMI agreed to get in touch with famous lyric writers in Kerala to write the lyrics. My friend, Jerry Amaldev, the celebrated cine music director, resonated with my idea of an experimental album and compose the melodies. Amaldev chose the film-style of music in order to appeal to a broader audience. The recording took place in the newly constructed studio in the Deccan Records campus in Indira Nagar in Bengaluru. We gave a non-religious, non-sectarian title. Despite the enthusiasm and whole-hearted cooperation of the people involved in the production, the album did not become popular or commercial success. I consoled myself reinforcing my motto,” failure is an option, not trying is not.”

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
12 September 2022

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