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Mārggam Kaḷi

മാർഗ്ഗം കളി

(Excerpts from Ongoing research)
Copyright © 2020 Joseph J. Palackal

(Mārggam Kaḷi - Perfomance at Chavara Cultural Center, Kochi on 17 July 2019)
(Video Ref. Code : CMSI-237)

Mārggam Kaḷi (Malayalam, “Dance of the Way”), is a non-liturgical performing art of the St. Thomas Christians in Kerala, India. The song text celebrates the life, mission, and martyrdom of St. Thomas the Apostle in India. The proto-Dravidian-speaking converts to Christianity in Kerala chose a Pali/Sanskrit term, “Mārggam” (the way), to refer to the new religion that came to its shore from West Asia. There are two reasons for this linguistic connection. First, Kerala was a Buddhist country in the early Christian era. The region was replete with Buddhist Vihāra-s. The generic term that the Buddha used for his teaching was Mārg, meaning “way.” Therefore, the term was all too familiar to Keralites in the early Christian era. Conversion to any religion was referred to as māṛggam kūṭal (“joining the way”).

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Guide to Syriac Transliteration Dr. Joseph J. Palackal
30 May 2020

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Qandiśā Alāhā (Trisagion) Music score by S. Sebastian Ottaplackal

MP3 Instrumental Music Cover Track and Music Notation Booklets for the Music score of Qandiśā Alāhā (Trisagion).

(Conductor's Score)

(Voice / Chords )

(Ist Violin / Voice)

(IInd Violin / Voice)

(Cello / Voice)


(Download MP3 Instrumental Music Cover Track)

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Importance of Syriac Language


Courtesy - Archdiocese of Pala

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Eezhathuruthile Mar Sleeva - Oru Yatra

ഈഴത്തുരുത്തിലെ മാർ സ്ലീവാ - ഒരു യാത്ര


Johnson P. Varghese

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Pesaha Prayer and Appam Preparation

പെസഹാ ഭക്ഷണം തയ്യാറാക്കലം ഇണ്ടറിയപ്പം മുറിക്കൽ ശുശ്രുഷയം

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