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Old is Gold - Old Christian Songs

Call Number : MA-MAL-037

List of old Christian Songs whose source of text is completely not known. Such songs are also added to the directory (DCS), Our endeavors shall be to gather metadata about these songs and keep this page updated.

Songs included in Directory of Christian Songs (DCS)
SNo. DCS Call Number Title Details Links
1. MA-MAL-037-DCS-003 Sarwadayāparane (O! Mercyful Lord of all) സർവ്വദയാപരനെ Music - K.K. Antony | Lyrics - Fr. Abel

DCS - 003

Joychan Arackathara

2. MA-MAL-037-DCS-004 Īśōye Snēhanidhē (O! Jesus abode of Love) - ഈശോയെ, സ്നേഹനിധേ Music - K.K. Antony | Lyrics - Fr. Abel  
3. MA-MAL-037-DCS-471

Athimohanamee അതിമോഹനമീ

Lyrics - Fr. Abel  

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