आशा की दीपक जलाकर

Asha Ke Deepak Jalakar


CMSI Ref Number MA-HND-019-DCS-067

Asha Ke Deepak Jalakar

Language Hindi
Author of text

Fr. James.M.L.

Composer of melody Johnson P. Parackal
Sung by: Indumathi Ephraim

Source of text -SANDESH

Lyrics text

Date of composition of text/melody 1988
Category Christian Songs
Performance space  
Performance context  
Source of the text Commercial Recordings
Transliteration Rosy Kurian
Recordings Recorded at Chethana Recording Studios, Thrissur. Produced by Jyothi Bhavan, Sagar, M. P. (1988)
DCS-067 Jerusalem Ki Galiyom
Comments This is the first recording at the newly established Chethana Recording Studio at Chiyyaram, Thrissur. The studio set up was not complete, yet. Fr. Paul Alangattukaran, Sr., CMI worked hard to get the system going. Although it was Fr. Isaac Alappatt, C.M.I was the one who envisioned a state of the art sound recording studio in Kerala, it was Fr. Paul Alangattukaran who set the system up. During the recording of this album, we needed continuous help from Fr. Alangattukaran. He was generous with his time and expertise. All the efforts that went into the production was worthwhile because most of the songs became extremely popular across the Hindi speaking areas in North India. Such songs as Saath rahna prabhuji is still in use. It fact, it is through this song that I am recognized in North India. I am extremely grateful to Fr. James M. L. and the composers for choosing me as the lead singer and for putting me on the cover picture. It is amazing to see how a team of South Indians, mostly Keralites, made such an impact in the Hindi belt of North India.


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