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Fr. Issac Chackalaparampil, CMI.

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AP 93 - Fr. Issac Chackalaparampil, CMI.
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AP 93

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Fr. Issac Chackalaparampil, CMI.
Duration 12:52
Place of Recording At Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, Queens , New York
Date of Recording May 21,2018
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Fr. Issac Chackalaparampil, CMI

Rev. Dr. Isaac Chackalaparampil is a member of the Sacred Heart Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (C.M.I.). He is also a scientist who worked in the area of Cancer research. After serving as the pastor in a Roman Catholic Parish in Canada for several years, Fr. Isaac retired two years ago. Currently, he serves as chaplain at the Rajagiri Hospital at Aluva in Kerala, India. Fr. Isaac went through his religious and priestly formation during the Syriac era, when the Eucharistic liturgy and the Hours were celebrated in Syriac. Fr. Isaac is proud to have learned “the language of our Lord.” Even today, he enjoys reciting the rosary in Syriac. He deeply appreciates the Syriac heritage of the Church. Yet, he thinks that the Syro Malabar Church did it right in translating the liturgy into the vernacular to make it more intimate to a people who lost Syriac literacy at some point in their history. Recently, Fr. Isaac was on a tour in the USA and Canada. We happened to meet at a gathering of the CMI priests, held at Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Church at Richwood in Queens, New York, on 21 May 2018. During the concluding prayer, Fr. Isaac surprised everyone by saying the Hail Mary in Syriac. That was unusual. I wanted to document the way he recited the prayer. Fr. Biju Naranath, CMI recorded the interview on my cell phone. We are grateful to Fr. Isaac for sharing his thoughts with us.

Joseph J. Palackal
New York
23 July 2018

User Comments

  • Thank you Fr Palackal for interviewing Fr.Isaac Chackalaparampil. Listening to the recital of Hail Mary in Aramaic is a totally unique experience . What is heartening for the present generation is the verve and passion for Syriac prayers. And the call for respecting every rite is a noble ideal- though in practical terms it is unidirectional; respect for the dominant rite , neglect curbs and restrictions for others ! - Dr. Amel Antony - Aug-7-2018

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