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Bilingual Chant QAMBEL MARAN at the tomb of Saintly Palackal Thoma Malpan

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AP 332 - Bilingual Chant QAMBEL MARAN at the tomb of Saintly Palackal Thoma Malpan
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AP 332

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Bilingual Chant QAMBEL MARAN at the tomb of Saintly Palackal Thoma Malpan
Duration 60s
Place of Recording St. Mary's Forane Church, Pallippuram
Date of Recording 29 July 2023
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Bilingual Chant ( Syriac- Malayalam) recital of: Qamberl Māran, ܩܲܒܸܠ ܡܵܪܲܢ കമ്പെൽ മാറൻ (Receive O our Lord) by Fr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI at the tomb of Saintly Palackal Thoma Malpan at St. Mary's Forane Church, Pallippuram. 29.07.2023 Name : Palackal Thoma Malpan (1780-1841) Life History: Born In Pallipuram , ordained priest and secretary to the Apostle Vicar of Verapoly.Rector of Pallipuram Seminary and Founder of the first indigenious seminary for St. Thomas Christians in Kerala. Associated with saintly Porukara Thoma Malpan and St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara in the foundation of the congregation of the of the Carmelite of Mary Immaculate (CMI) Remembrance Day - 16 January Brief History - Palackal Thoma Malpan (പാലയ്ക്കല്‍ തോമ്മാ മല്‍പാന്‍ / பாலய்க்கல் தோமா மல்பான் / पालय्क्कल् तोमा मल्पान्) (b. circa * 1780 at (South) Pallippuram (തെക്കന്) പള്ളിപ്പുറം / ചേന്നംപള്ളിപ്പുറം / ഐരാണിക്കുളം), near Shertallay (ചേര്‍ത്തല / കരപ്പുറം), in Alleppey (ആലപ്പുഴ), Kingdom of Travancore (തിരുവിതാംകൂര്‍ രാജ്യം); d. there, † 16th January 1841) was an illustrious secular priest (ഇടവകപ്പട്ടക്കാരന്‍) from the Catholic Church of St. Thomas (Syro-Malabar Church) then under the Vicariate-Apostolic of Verapoly (വരാപ്പുഴ) and later under the Archdiocese of Ernakulam (എറണാകുളം) ; the senior founder of the first Cœnobite order of the St. Thomas Christians, the Third Order of Carmelites Discalced (കര്‍മ്മലീത്ത നിഷ്പാദുക മൂന്നാം സഭ / Carmelites of Mary Immaculate); and the founder and Rector of the first Seminary run by the St. Thomas Christians, first at Pallippuram and later at Mannanam (മാന്നാനം) near Kottayam (കോട്ടയം). (The title Malpan, from the Syriac word malpānā, denotes his status as a preceptor of priests.) After his ordination in 1807 consequent to studies under Thachil Abraham Malpan (തച്ചില്‍ അവുറാഹാം മല്‍പാന്‍) (the younger brother of Thachil Thariyath Matthoo Tharakan, Esq. (തച്ചില്‍ തരിയതു് മാത്തു തരകന്‍ അവര്‍കള്‍)), he was appointed the Secretary for the St. Thomas Christians and Counsellor to the Bishop Mgr. Raymond Roviglia of St. Joseph, O. C. D., Vicar-Apostolic during 1803-1815; he continued to be a counsellor to the Vicars-Apostolic for the rest of his life, even after he resigned the position of Secretary in 1815. As secretary and counsellor, he was instrumental to several reforms in the Catholic Church of Kerala: the practice of St. Thomas Christian priests and seminarians wearing cassocks (ളോവ) was introduced (previously, they had dressed in a way resembling the Jacobite clerics); the custom of episcopal visits (വിസീത്ത) to parishes was begun; the confessional (കുമ്പസാരക്കൂടു്) was made obligatory in all churches; walled cemeteries (സെമിത്തേരി) were built for all churches (earlier, the dead had been buried in the open compound); and confraternities (കൊമ്പിരിയാ, ദര്‍ശനസമൂഹം) were started in the St. Thomas Christian churches borrowing the custom from the Latin churches in Kerala; the confreres (ദര്‍ശനക്കാര്‍) assisted the orderly conduct of solemn feasts (കൊമ്പിരിയാപ്പെരുന്നാള്‍, ദര്‍ശനപ്പെരുന്നാള്‍), funerals, and other ceremonies. Considering teaching and scholarship as his vocation, the Malpan devoted his life to that aim. He took particular care that his seminary had an exemplary collection of books, especially modern books in Tamil and the few in Malayalam, printed chiefly by members of the Society of Jesus. He had a special interest in languages. Learning Tamil on his own, he translated the spiritual books in Tamil into Malayalam; as a consequence he began to be called in jest the `Tamil Malpan' (പാണ്ടി മല്‍പാന്‍). Since his early years the Malpan seems to have cherished the notion of a Cœnobite order of the Dominican kind; his experiences in running the seminary might have strengthened the resolve. In this endeavour he found an eager and able collaborator in Porukara Thoma Kathanar (പോരൂക്കര തോമ്മാ കത്തനാര്‍) (1799-1846) of Kalloorkad (കല്ലൂര്‍ക്കാടു്), Champakulam (ചമ്പക്കുളം) (to which the Malpan's maternal family, Puthenpurackal (പുത്തന്‍പുരയ്ക്കല്‍), also belonged), who had known and admired the Malpan since his days as a seminarian. As for Fr. Chavara, as he says in his Chronicles (നാളാഗമങ്ങള്‍), he had always been of one mind with his Malpan in all matters. With the blessing of the Bishop Mgr. Maurelio Stabellini, O. Carm., Vicar-Apostolic during 1828-1831, the Monastery (കൊവേന്ത) was founded at Mannanam on 11th May 1831. He passed away in 1841 and was buried at the main altar in the Forane Church of St. Mary, Pallippuram (connected by tradition with the apostolate of St. Thomas in South India); judging from the account of Fr. Chavara, the funeral was worthy of a bishop.

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