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Aramaic Project - I

Interviews and Performances - Video List

No. 330 to 321

AP 330 - St, Thomas Anthem in SCOTLAND . SMYM Hamilton Sings M'Sabhinan

Members of SMYM, Marth Mariyam Mission, Hamilton, Scotland. Sung By ROSEMIN JAISON, EBI JOHNSIN & RITTY TOMICHEN. Recorded on 2nd July, 2023 at St. John Ogilvie's Catholic Church, Blantyre.........



The Vision, Mission, Challenges, and Dreams of the Founder, Dr. Joseph J. Palackal, CMI. A candid conversation with Jose K. George, Michigan USA........



Fr. Cyril Thayyil pays homage to his Guru Malpan George Plathottam for the guidance to the Syric chants heritage!........


AP 327F - WHY NO PERMANENT DEACONS in the SYRO MALABAR CHURCH? Denaha Endowment Lecture.

A re-reading of the Syriac thaksā should lead to the reinstatement of permanent deacons in the Syro Malabar Church. The Chaldean liturgy that we inherited requires the deacon to serve as the master of ceremony.........


AP 327E - Aramaic Way of Thinking- LOST IN TRANSLATION : Dr. Joseph Palackal, CMI.

Forty-two years after the Syriac liturgy was translated into Malayalam, we are still struggling to transfer the Aramaic way of thinking into the vernacular. This requires the transference of ideas and concepts that originated in the cultural context of a particular people in West Asia to the people who went through a different history in South India.........


AP 327D -Syriac Chant Traditions - Text and Music : Two Different Approaches.

In 1957 the Holy See approved and promulgated the restored Syriac text of the Syro Malabar Qurbānā. The Syro Malabar Bishops’ Conference promulgated the Malayalam translation of this text on July 3, 1962........


AP 327C - Advantages and Disadvantages as a Researcher : Joseph J. Palackal, CMI

In reference to the Syriac tradition, I consider myself lucky for several reasons. I happen to belong to what may be characterized as the transitional generation that grew up in Kerala between the 1950s and the 1970s....


AP 327B - Focus and Goal of Aramaic Project : Joseph J. Palackal, CMI

DISCOURSE ON INDIA Part II FOCUS & GOAL of Aramaic Project by Dr. Joseph J Palackal CMI at DVK Bangaluru. RESET the discourse on India from a Christian perspective Part II:....


AP 327A - New Leaders Stir Hopes for Sanskrit in India - A Christian perspective on India

On Wednesday, June 16, 2014, The New York Times carried the following news item by its staff reporter, Ellen Barry, on the first page of the International section: “New Leaders Stir Hopes for Sanskrit in India.”.....


AP 327 - Qandisa alaha | കന്തീശാ ആലാഹാ | Trisagion in Syriac, By Joseph Palackal, CMI.

Dr. Joseph J Palackal, CMI sings Qandisa Alaha - Trisagion in Syriac as introductory prayer song at the Denha Lecture at DVK Bangaluru (2014)......


AP 325 - Syriac Version of the Lord's Prayer before Communion: Joseph Palackal CMI

The Syriac Christians have the privilege and honor of reciting the Lord's Prayer in the same language that Jesus taught the disciples.......


Our Mission

Christian Musicological Society of India is an international forum for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge, on the music, art and dance of about thirty million Christians in India, who belong to a diverse set of communities and linguistic groups and follow a variety of liturgical traditions some of which date back to the early Christian era. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI, the Society hopes that such researches will draw attention to the lesser known aspects of India in connection with the rest of the world.


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