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QAMBEL MARAN By Fr. CYRIL THAYYIL at the tomb of Mar Joseph Kariattil on 9.9.21

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AP 248 - QAMBEL MARAN By Fr. CYRIL THAYYIL at the tomb of Mar Joseph Kariattil on 9.9.21
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AP 248

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title QAMBEL MARAN By Fr. CYRIL THAYYIL at the tomb of Mar Joseph Kariattil on 9.9.21
Duration 3:54
Place of Recording St. Mary's (MarthMariam) Church, Alangad
Date of Recording 9 Sept 2021
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QAMBEL MARAN By Fr. CYRIL THAYYIL at the tomb of Mar Joseph Kariattil on 9.9.21

Syriac chant, "Qambel Maran" during Office at the tomb of Mar Joseph Kariattil, First Indigenous Metropolitan Bishop of St. Thomas Christians, Alangad, Kerala. 09 September, 2021.

Rev. Fr. Cyril Thayyil offers prayers and Office at the tomb of Mar Joseph Kariattil, Kariattil Malpan on the Dhukrana (commemoration) of his 235th Death Anniversary, at St. Mary's (MarthMariam) Church, Alangad, nation's antiquely famous Church built in AD 1300.

Kariattil Malpan took great efforts for the reunion of the Saint Thomas Christians (also known as Syriac Christians or Mar Thoma Nazranis) who had split following the Coonen Cross Oath (1653). He made the historic journey to Rome in 1778 together with Paremmakkal Thoma Kathanar to represent the matter with the church authorities. Impressed with the humility, personality, religious zeal, and intellect of Kariattil Joseph Malpan, he was appointed as the Archbishop of Kodungalloor at Lisbon on 16 July 1782. On 17 February 1783 he was consecrated as Archbishop of Cranganore (Kodungalloor). . On 16 December 1782 Pope Pius VI confirmed his appointment as Metropolitan Archbishop of Archdiocese of Kodungalloor, thus imprinting in the history of the Archdiocese as the first native Archbishop of Mar Thoma Nazranis of Malankara. On 17 March 1783, he revived the scared Pallium of Metropolitan Archbishop from Pope Pius VI. At the same time, he also received all the privileges and authority to unite Mar Thoma VI and the Puthenkoor faction to Catholic Church. However, on his way back to India, he died at Goa on 10 September 1786. He was buried there and later his mortal remains were transferred to Alangad and were re-interred at St. Mary's Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Alangad in 1961.

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