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Holy Qurbana (Bilingual) by Bishop Thomas Tharayil

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AP 215 - Holy Qurbana (Bilingual) by Bishop Thomas Tharayil
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AP 215

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Holy Qurbana (Bilingual) by Bishop Thomas Tharayil
Duration 1:12:03
Place of Recording ArchBishop's House Chapel, Changanserry
Date of Recording 19 April 20.
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Bilingual Qurbana. സുറിയാനി, മലയാളം ദ്വിഭാഷാ കുർബ്ബാന. Bp. Thomas Tharayil.

Keywords #SyroMalabarQurbana #MalayalamSuriyaniQurbana #BilingualQurbana

Bishop Thomas Tharayi: Bilingual Qurbana. 19 April 20.

Bishop Mar Thomas Tharayil, Auxiliary Bishop of the Eparchy of Changanacherry, is one of the very few bishops who feel comfortable with incorporating Syriac chants into the solemn celebration of Qurbana in Malayalam. Bishop Tharayil took the initiative to learn the language and the music. What is remarkable in this celebration is the seamless flow of prayers and chants from Syriac to Malayalam and vice versa. The chants and prayers remain in a single tonal center. The celebrant skillfully starts the slotha (prayer) on the ending pitch of the preceding chant. All these factors contribute to the experience of the entire Qurbana as a single cantata.In an earlier video, we posted the Syriac chants from this Qurbana. In this video, however, we get an experience of the logistics of a bilingual Qurbana (see Aramaic Project-201 Bishop Tharayil is reversing the history of the vernacularization of liturgy in the Syro Malabar Church, starting from the early 1960s. Even after the promulgation of the Malayalam 'Thaksa', many priests continued to include a few prayers and chants, especially the Institution narrative, in Syriac. The congregation was comfortable with that approach. People had a general sense of the prayers in Syriac. Gradually, Syriac literacy became not mandatory for priests, and the new generation of priests relied entirely on the vernacular version. Bilingual Qurbana could be the next move to gradually reintroduce the sound, melody, and sentiments from the Syriac era to the present generation that did not have the privilege to know. Such a move will help the current generation to reclaim the Syriac heritage. After all, we continue to designate ourselves as SYRO Malabar Catholics. We thank Bishop Tharayil for granting permission to post this video on our channel.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
2 October 2020

Keywords : SyroMalabarQurbana, MalayalamSuriyaniQurbana, BilingualQurbana

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