Call Number: RR-006

Syriac Translation of Latin Chants

(Booklet accompanied by the Qambel Maran CD pack)


The CD, Qambel Maran: Syriac Chants from South India contains six chants (tracks 19 to 24) from an interesting repertoire of texts that were translated from Latin into Syriac in Kerala during the Portuguese period. These texts were composed anew in Kerala, mostly for paraliturgical services. See a preliminary study of the Syriac version of the famous Latin chant Pange Lingua by St. Thomas Aquinas, in Palackal (2005: 112-117). These chants are reference points for a special period in the history of Christianity and Christian music in India .

Please refer the Booklet (page 11 to 13) accompained by the CD - Qambel Maran: Syriac Chants from South India

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