• Printed and Published by - P.J Andrews
  • Prnted at - Mar Thoma Sleeha Press Alwaye
  • Nihil Obstat - Franciscus Mehaseb Maronita
  • Imprimatur - Fr. Dominicus Buttaoni O.P.S.P.A.M
  • Imprimatur - Joseph Canali Archiep Colossen . Vicesgerens
  • Re-imprimatur - Augustine Kandathil, Archbishop, Ernakulam 5-3-47

Concordat Cum Originali

Fr.Thomas Moothedan, M.A.D.D.

Keywords -Ordo Chaldaicus, P.J Andrews , Mar Thoma Sleeha Press Alwaye , Mar Thoma Sleeha Press, Franciscus Mehaseb Maronita , Fr. Dominicus Buttaoni , Joseph Canali Archiep Colossen .Vicesgerens,Augustine Kandathil, Archbishop, Ernakulam, Archbishop of Ernakulam, Augustine Kandathil, Fr.Thomas Moothedan

Courtesy - Ann Lia Wilson

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