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Basil the Great :

Faith, Mission and Dipliomacy in the Shaping of Christian Doctrine


Nicu Dumitrascu
(Professor of Patristics, University of Oradea, Romania)

Regarded as one of the three hierarchs or pillers of orthodoxy along with Gregory the Nazianzus and John Chrysostam, Basil is the key figure in the formative process of Christianity in the fourth century.While his role in establising Trinitarian terminology, as well as his function in shaping monasticism, his social thought and even his contribution to the evolution of liturgical forms have been the focus of research for many years, there are few studies which center on his political thought. Basil played a major role between church and state in late antiquity across the regions of Cappadosia and Armenia. Basil was also a great religious leader and a gifted diplomat.

  • First Publication - 2018
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Keywords - Basil the Great Faith Mission and Dipliomacy in the Shaping of Christian Doctrine, Routledge, British Library and Library of Congress,Nicu Dumitrascu, University of Oradea, Romania, Professor of Patristics

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