Call Number - 008-156

Mass in East Syriac held at old Edappally Church

Lead by

Fr. Cyril Thayil

"Mass in East Syriac a thowback to days of yore"
Father Cyril Thayil , a young language enthusiast, takes the lead

News published in THE HINDU , Kochi , May 2, 2019

"An East Syriac mass lead by Fr. Cyril Thayil was held at the old St. George's Church at Edappally held on 01 May, 2019. The whole rubric is followed in East Syriac, a dialect that developed out of Aramaic with little influence from other neighbouring languages in West Asia, says Father Thayil, a young language enthusiast, who wants to see at least parts of the old traditions live into the future." ...... Read more

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