O Desdamman (Turgama for epistle)

ഓ ദെസ്ദമ്മൻ ബ്റെമ്സാ

Call Number EC-0011
Title O Desdamman (Turgama for epistle)
Category Chants from Rāza
Sub Category Turgāmma (Interpretative)
Liturgical Context Qurbānā and Hours of Syriac churches.


This chant belongs to the category called turgāmma (interpretative). Its purpose here is to prepare the people to listen to the reading from one of the epistles. A special feature of this particular chant is the addition of the vocable, ‘īnja’, at the end of each line of the sung version of the text, in order to fill in the melodic and metric structure. The printed text does not include the vocable. Such a practice, which is common in secular folk songs in Kerala, seems to be peculiar to the liturgical tradition of the Syro-Malabar Church.

Transliteration & Translation (English)
Transliteration by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

Transliteration Translation

O d'ezdamman b'remzā rambā lahlōl hayyē
D'meśtūţ malkā daśmayyānē w'dar'ānāyē.

B'hōr b’nūr swarţā wamrōq b'qūrē alāhāyē
W'min reyānkōn kōl huśābē almānāyē.

Gazā d'thūwē paţhē māryā q’dām ba’āyē
W’emmar d'ţāw ś’thār hāwbaykōn O hathāyē.

Dakkāw lembā weţhāppak lam badmūţ thlāyē
D'ţehwōn yārtē d'malkūţ rawmā āp baytāyē.

O you who are invited by a great gesture to the marriage feast of the living,
To the banquet of the heavenly and earthly beings.

Examine by the light of the gospel, and cleanse by the divine fire,
And purify your way of thinking worldly thoughts.

The Lord has opened for those who seek him a treasure of blessings, and has said:
O sinners, come and take away the deed of your sins.

Purify your heart, become again like children,
So that you may inherit the heavenly kingdom, and be of its household.
Text Courtesy - Joseph Thekkadath Puthenkudy

Transliteration in malayalam

Text in Syriac Transliteration in malayalam
Text Courtesy - Joseph Thekkedath Puthenkudy

Transliteration in malayalam

Text in Syriac
Text Courtesy - Joseph Thekkedath Puthenkudy
Transliteration in malayalam
Text Courtesy - Joseph Thekkedath Puthenkudy

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1 Raaza of the Syro Malabar Liturgy K. O. Chacko Koythadathil Video AP 5i
2   Fr.Abel Periyappuram CMI & Lonappan Arackal Video AP 4j
3   Fr. Mathew Mattam Video AP 62N
4   Fr. Cyril Thayyil Video AP 155
5   Fr. Vargherse (Saji) Mattathil Video AP 165-12


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