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Turgama (interpretative song): Fr Cyril Thayyil and Fr Joseph Kizhakkekkutt

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AP 111 - Turgama (interpretative song): Fr Cyril Thayyil and Fr Joseph Kizhakkekkutt
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AP 111

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Turgama (interpretative song): Fr Cyril Thayyil and Fr Joseph Kizhakkekkutt
Duration 5:08
Place of Recording St. Mary's Forane Church, Anakkallu, Bharananganam
Date of Recording 28 July 2018
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Turgama (interpretative song): Fr Cyril Thayyil and Fr Joseph Kizhakkekkutt

Fr. Cyril Thayyil and Fr. Joseph Kizhakkekkutt sing the Turgama during Raza. Recorded on 28 July 2018. Note: Turgama (literally, “interpretation,” “translation”) is one of the popular poetic genres in Syriac literature. The Turgama we listen here is from Raza, the most solemn celebration of Qurbana in the Syro Malabar tradition. The servers and the choir sing the turgamma antiphonally. The purpose is to prepare the faithful to listen to the Gospel. In the opening verse of the song, the servers address the “faithful” (O dam haimnee), asking them to prepare their hearts so that Jesus can sow the seeds of Good News. The word “turgama” has a connection to the Malayalam-speaking people of Kerala, irrespective of their religious affiliation. The word is part of the Malayalam vocabulary with a modified pronunciation, from തുർഗാമ to തർജമ (tarjama), meaning, “translation.” It is an example of intra-cultural borrowing. In this recording, we hear the Turgamma in the voice of two young and talented singing priests, Fr. Cyril Thayyil and Fr. Joseph Kizhakkekkutt. Both priests are literate in Syriac and use their musical talents to celebrate the solemn sung Qurbana in the Syro Malabar churches. We are grateful to these priests for granting permission to post this recording on our channel. See another use of the word in reference to Aramaic translation of the Hebrew Bible:

Joseph J. Palackal
New York
8 December 2018

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