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Ordo Chaldaicus

Rituum et Lectionum

Juxta Morem

Ecclesiae Malabarica

Edited By

P. Mathew Vadakel
(Professor, Mangalapuzha Seminary, Alwaye)

  • Printed and Published by - P.J. Andrews , Mar Thoma Sleeha Press, Alwaye
  • Language - Sriac

Pre-1962 Qurbana

One of the specialties of the pre-1962 Syro Malabar Qurbana is the opening prayer that the celebrant utters in private in a low voice. The prayer is in praise of the Holy Trinity. The prayer begins thus:

B’šem awā wawrā w’ruhā d’qudšā, qandiš qandiš qnadiš māryā alāhā hailsānā.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the holy ruha, holy, holy, holy, Lord Almighty.

The prayer ends with šuwhā lāk šuwhā lāk šuwhā lāk šuwhā l’laslīsŭhāk m’šāmbahta b’kōl endān l’almīn āmēn. Praise to You, praise to You, praise to You, praised be Your Trinity. Forever, Amen.

In all probability, the idea of starting Qurbana with minor doxology was a directive/corrective that came from the Synod of Diamper (1599). It looks like the St. Thomas Christian priests did not fully agree to change their centuries-old practice. Yet they wanted to obey the Portuguese authorities. Therefore, the priests uttered this prayer privately in order not to shock the congregation and then proceeded with Puqdankon. (Either one of the local priests or Bishop Ross SJ composed this prayer). Noteworthy is the repetition of key phrases three times.

We see an example in Aramaic Project-172 (2:35-2:59).

The photocopy of the Syriac text is from the 1946 Taksa that was printed at Mar Thoma Sliha Press, Alwaye, the imprimatur of Mar Augustine Kandathil, Archbishop of Ernakulam, on May 13, 1945. Mar Kandathil also wrote an Introduction in Syriac.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
8 March 2010

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Keywords -Syro Malabar Qurbana,Thaksa 1946, Syro Malabar Qurbana -before 1962, Minor doxology, P.J. Andrews , Mar Thoma Sleeha Press, Alwaye, St Thomas Christian, Syro Malabar Church, Mar Augustine Kandathil, Archbishop of Ernakulam,

Courtesy - Joseph T.P.

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