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Pagre D'mshiha -Anthem of the Mysteries.Fr. Anthony Kaitharan sings in Three melodies

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AP 206 / AP2-05 - Pagre D'mshiha -Anthem of the Mysteries.Fr. Anthony Kaitharan sings in Three melodies
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AP 206 / AP2-05

Part Number Part II - The Assyrian Church of the East
Title Pagre D'mshiha -Anthem of the Mysteries.Fr. Anthony Kaitharan sings in Three melodies
Duration 4:51
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Anthem of the Mysteries. Fr. Anthony Kaitharan. Three melodies.

Fr. Antony Kaitharan from the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India, sings three melodies of the 'Anthem of the Mysteries'. A special video. see more on Encyclopedia of Syriac chants

Note: Fr. Antony Kaitharan has been kind enough to give this recording in his voice. The chant is very special for many reasons. One, this is a single-strophe chant. Two, the chant has two different incipits. Three, it is sung twice with two different incipits. (Such chants are rare in the Syriac chant repertory). Four, the Syriac text instructs to sing the first incipit twice (Tni). This was probably a performance technique to draw attention from the congregation in the absence of a public address system in the olden days. It seems contemporary performance practice does not follow the printed text. This is the first time we hear different melodies of this chant for two different liturgical contexts. The third example is from the Chaldean Church in the Middle East. Fr. Kaitharan, who is studying in Rome, has the privilege of listening to these melodies from the students who came from the Middle East. The same text gets three different articulations in the three renderings, expanding the scope of comparative musicology. We are grateful to Fr. Kaitharan, and we hope to get more such recordings from him in the future to enrich our audio-video library. See more information at

Joseph J Palackal, CMI
New York
2 September 2020

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