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Res Qala -Yada husawe by Ann Lia and Agna Wilson

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AP 205 / AP2-04 - Res Qala -Yada husawe by Ann Lia and Agna Wilson
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AP 205 / AP2-04

Part Number Part II - The Assyrian Church of the East
Title Res Qala -Yada husawe by Ann Lia and Agna Wilson
Duration 5: 04
Place of Recording Residence of Wilson Muriyadan at Trissur
Date of Recording 8 August 2017
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ANN LIA & AGNA WILSON SING the Res Qala : Yada hūšāwē

Res Qala ("Head Melody"), Yada Husawe. Ann Lia Wilson and Agna Wilson Muriyadan. From the liturgical tradition of the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India, with comments from Dr. Joseph J. Palackal. See the Syro Malabar version at Aramaic Project 11.9

Res Qala ("Head melody") is a compositional technique in the Syriac chant repertory. The meter and melody of the first strophe are applied to the rest of the stanzas in the chant. The underlying principle of Res Qala is similar to the concepts of the Indian Raga system as well as church modes in the Gregorian chant repertoire. Res Qala is apt for congregational singing. Since the melody is strophic, the worshippers can focus their attention on the semantics of the text. All the Syriac churches own chants in this category. In this video, we have a Res Qala, Yada Husawe, from the tradition of the Chaldea Syrian Church of the East, India. We are grateful to Wilson Muriyadan for sharing this video with us and granting permission to post it on our channel. We hope to get more Res Qale in the near future.

Joseph J Palackal, CMI
New York
21 July 2020

Keywords: #SyriacChants, #ResQala , #YadaHusawe Ann Lia Wilson, Agna Wilson, Muriyada,. Res Qala, Yada Husawe, Awa Hannana.

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