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Hail Mary / Slam lek(y) Maryam
Šlām lēḵ(y) maryam malyaṭ ṭaibuṯā
Māran ammēḵ(y) m’bārakṯā at(y) b’nēšē
Wamḇārēḵ (h)u pērā dawkarsēḵ(y) īšō
Qaddīštā mārta maryam emmē(h) dalāhā
Sallay ̒alayn haṭāyē
Hāšā , wawšāṯā d’māwtan, amēn

Shanthi to you O Mary, you are filled with grace
Our Lord is with you, blessed are you among women
and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus
holy Lady Mary, Mother of God
intercede for us, sinners
now and at the time of our death. amēn

Šlām = shanthi
lēḵ(y) = to you
maryam = Mary
malyaṭ = full you are
ṭaibuṯā = grace
Māran = our Lord
ammēḵ(y) = is with you
m’bārakṯā = blessed are you
at(y) = you
b’nēšē = among women
Wambārēḵ (h)u =and blessed is
pērā = fruit
dawkarsēḵ(y) = of your womb
Īšō = Jesus
Qaddīštā =holy
mārta = Lady
maryam = Mary
emmē(h) = (His) Mother
dalāhā = of God
sallay = intercede
̔alayn = for us
haṭāyē = sinners
Hāšā = now
wawšāṯā = and at the time
d’māwtan = of our death

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Transliteration, Translation & Glossory (English)

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