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Two young boys sing the Syriac alphabet.

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AP 186 - Two young boys sing the Syriac alphabet.
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AP 186

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Two young boys sing the Syriac alphabet.
Duration 2:54
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Date of Recording 12 April,2020
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Two young boys sing the Syriac alphabet

Nebil Aneesh and Joel Aneesh, sing the Syriac alphabet at home, Melodic design by Thoma Mathai Thalikasthanam, Nasrani Foundation, Title music: Bar Maryam on piano by Catherine Felix

Note: This video is a clear indication that the conversation on the Syriac heritage of the Syro Malabar Church is overflowing from the academic circles to children and families. We posted several videos of children singing or playing Syriac chants. In this video, we see the two young boys going a step further by trying to learn the Syriac alphabet. The simple, singable melody that Thalikasthanam Thoma Mathai designed became a resource for the boys. The Nasrani Foundation posted the melody on its Youtube channel. Nasrani Foundation did excellent service by drawing attention to the rich Syriac heritage of India and generating an open-minded discussion on it. What we see in this video is the fruit of that labor of love. We also want to acknowledge the young parents of these and other children who provide a congenial space for conversation in the intimacy of their homes. If more parents decide to do this, the sound and the sentiments of the Syriac language may migrate into the minds of the younger generation. We are grateful to Denny Sales Karamkunnel, a teenager from Palakkad, for sharing this video and encouraging the parents of these children to keep the conversation alive. May we ask everyone to send their blessings to Nebil and Joel and on the people who work on the Aramaic Project. Please pray that we find enough resources to continue the Project.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
23 April 2020

Keywords: Syriac alphabet, Nebil Aneesh, Joel Aneesh, Jarly Mathew, Thoma Mathai Thalikashanam, Nasrani Foundation

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