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Crowning of Anju Koovaplackal & Bijo Kattuvallil reclaiming an old tradition.

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AP 190 - Crowning of Anju Koovaplackal & Bijo Kattuvallil reclaiming an old tradition.
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AP 190

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Crowning of Anju Koovaplackal & Bijo Kattuvallil reclaiming an old tradition.
Duration 12:02
Place of Recording St. Sebastian's Church, Udayapuram, Arch Eparchy of Thalassery
Date of Recording 4 November, 2019
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Crowning of Anju Koovaplackal & Bijo Kattuvallil reclaiming an old tradition

Reclaiming an old wedding custom. The Crowning ceremony of Anju Koovaplackal and Bijo Kattuvallil A new trend among young Syro Malabar Catholics to introduce a ritual that is not in the official ritual.

This video represents a new trend developing among young Syro Malabar Catholics who wish to reinstate an old custom of crowning the bride and groom as part of the wedding ceremony. This is a Middle Eastern/Jewish custom that the Syriac Christians in Kerala continued or adopted. Some of the Syriac Churches, for example, the Assyrian Church of the East, include the ceremony in their official Ritual with specific prayers. The Syro Malabar Church, however, does not include crowning in the wedding ritual. Yet, some couples want the ceremony and a few priests are willing to do it. Fr. Cyril Thayil, the celebrant in this video, is one such priest (see Fr. Cyril in conversation:). The video also shows yet another development of concluding the church ceremony with the Syriac hymn, "Bar Maryam." This, too, is not part of the official Ritual, although the Knanaya Christians consider it a significant part of the celebration. We are archiving these videos and making them available for researchers who might be interested in history in the making. We thank Abin Koovaplackal (Australia) for sharing this video with us and for granting permission to post it on our channel. The bride in this video is Abin's sister. We wish the newly married couple all the best. See also: Nuptial Qurbana and Crowning ceremony

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
13 May 2020.

Keywords: Anju Bijo Kattuvallil, Crowning ceremony, Syro Malabar Marriage ceremony, Koovaplackal

User Comments

  • The trend is catching on and its a welcome sign . However we cannot rest on our laurels, because other Eparchies have to join this movement . Once the movement gathers strength , definitely both crowning ceremony and 'Bar Mariyam ' would become optionals in the officially approved Text . Of course the biggest advantage is that AP has got a wide reach among the young and especially the Diaspora .- Amel Antony - 14 May, 2020

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