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Ta lak ruha (Come O Spirit)

താ ലാക് റുഹാ


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Title Tā lāk ruhā (Come O Spirit)
Topics This is a translation of the famous Gregorian chant Veni Creator Spiritus (Come O Spirit, Creator Veni Creator Spiritus - Wikipedia This is an invocatory chant that is sung on the New Year's Day,, the feast of Pentecost, priestly and episcopal ordinations, convening of synods and councils, etc. The Syriac Catholics in Kerala got acquainted with this chant through the Portuguese missionaries in the sixteenth century and soon made a Syriac translation of the Latin text. They did not, however, adopt the melody. Instead, they composed a new melody. The names of the translator and composer are not available.
Transliteration by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

Tā lāk ruhā bārōyā d'kōl

Was'ōr mad'ē d’aylēn d'dīlāk.... Read More

Come, O Holy Spirit, creator of all

And visit the minds of those who are thine.... Read More
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Language Syriac
Contributor  Wilson Muriyadan
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Syriac Chant, Talakruha, Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

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