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Call Number: RR-863

സൊളൊമോന്റെ സുഭാഷിതങ്ങൾ

The Proverbs of Solomon


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Title  സൊളൊമോന്റെ സുഭാഷിതങ്ങൾ /Solomonte Subashithangal /The Proverbs of Solomon
Topics The Proverbs of Solomon
Author Rev. Fr. Emmanuel of the H. Ghost, T.O.C.D. (Fr. Emmanuel Aandumalil)

Publisher  P.K Joseph
Printed at  St Joseph's Press, Mannanam.


Language Malayalam
Year 1921
CMSI Serial No.  





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Keywords The Proverbs of Solomon , Rev. Fr. Emmanuel of the H. Ghost, T.O.C.D., Fr. Emmanuel Andumalil, Solomonte Subhashithangal , St Joseph's Press Mannanam, Solomonte Subashithangal


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