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The History of the
Church of Malabar

The History of the Church of Malabar


The time of its being first discover'd by the Portuguezes in the Year 1501.

Giving an Account of The Persecutions and Violent Methods of the Roman "Prelates; to Reduce them to the Subjection of the Church of ROME.

Together with the


Celebrated in the Year of our Lord 1599. With some Remarks upon the Faith and Do- Urine of the Christians of St. Thomas in the Indies, agreeing with the Church of En- gland, in opposition to that of Rome. Done out of Portugueze into English.


MICHAEL GEDDES, Chancellor of the Cathedral' Church of SARUM LONDON,

Printed for Sam. Smith, and Benj. Walford, at the Prince's-Armi in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1694.

  • Title The History of the Church of Malabar
  • Author Michael Geddes
  • Publisher Smith, 1694
  • Original from the Bavarian State Library
  • Digitized 23 Sep 2008
  • Length 502 pages
  • ebook Link - Google Books

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