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The Sacramentals


Charles J. McNeill, A. B., Jour . M.
(Associate Editor ,The Register Denver, Colorado)

The Catholic Action Series of Discussion-Club Textbooks

A Study of the Origin, Nature , and Proper use of the Sacramentals of the Church

  • Nihil Obstat- Richard J.Dei (Censor Librorum)
  • Imprimatur - Aug. J. Schwertner (Bishop of Wichita)
  • Introduction by - Rev. Leon A.McNeill, M.A.(Diocesan Superintendent of Education Wichita, Kansas)
  • Published by- The Catholic Action Committee (424 North Broadway Wichita Kansas)
  • Year- 1938-June-29
  • © Copyright- Catholic Action Committee (First Printing,August)

Keywords-The Sacramentals, Richard J.Dei, Censor Librorum, J. Schwertner Bishop of Wichita, Bishop of Wichita, Leon A.McNeill, Diocesan Superintendent of Education Wichita, Kansas, Catholic Action Committee, Charles J. McNeill, North Broadway Wichita,kansas

Courtesy -Ann Lia Wilson

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