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From an Old Document of A.D. 1922 (M.E. 1099)

കൊല്ലവർഷം 1099 (എ. ഡി. 1922 ) ലെ
ഒരു പഴയരേഖയിൽനിന്ന്

Edited by

Prof. George Menachery

The Book is based on an old document dated A.D. 1922 (M.E. 1099), a Partition Deed written in the name of Late Menachery Erinjeri Lonappan and his family, residing in Ollur village of Trichur District. According to this document keeping in mind the welfare and spiritual growth of his family, a significant part of the ancestal property was heartfully donated by the family head to Ollur Church. Though the deed is nearly 79 yrs old, its a testimonial of humble gesture of love and devotion towards God and affection towards the community and fellowmen. Its a remarkable example for the future generations.

  • Published by - EIFFEL BOOKS, THRISSUR
  • Year - 1993

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Courtesy- Wilson Muriyadan

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