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Lokanaathan Uyritharathri
ലോകനാഥൻ ഉയരിതരാത്രി

by Fr. Abel


  • Lyrics - Fr. Abel
  • Music - K.K. Antony

The Singing Voice of Shri K. K. Antony Master: A Precious Document. K. K. Antony Master (1924-1987) sings his own composition. The only record so far of the Maestro's singing voice.

# Call Number Youtube Description
1. DCS-112 s See the Notes Below


See note by Joseph J. Palackal on the recording.

Note: Here is a precious document of the singing voice of a great Maestro who composed myriads of melodies for Christian devotional songs and directed the commercial recordings of many of them in the voice of celebrated singers. K. K. Antony, popularly known as Antony Master, holds a special place in the history of Christian music in Malayalam. Antony Master worked as Music Director of Kalabhavan in Kochi, Kerala, from its inception and composed most of the liturgical songs that came from the pen of Fr. Abel Periyappuram, CMI. This is an Easter song by Fr. Abel (1920-2001). The recording took place at the Kalabhavan recording studio, sometime in the 1980s. Before joining Kalabhavan as its first Music Director, Antony Master worked as a Karnatic classical music performer at a radio station in Sri Lanka for many years. We get a flavor of Antony Master’s Karnatic vocal inflection at the final words in the third verses in the second and third stanzas (see 1:36 and 2:42). On the day of the recording of this particular song, the designated singer failed to appear at the studio, and Antony Master filled in. Antony Master’s son, Varghese Antony, procured a copy of the recording and kept it with him all these years. Varghese gave the audio track to me during my visit to his home in Dallas, Texas, on 15 February 2020. So far, this is the only record of the singing voice of the Maestro. It is a gift to the many students, including myself, who were fortunate to learn Karnatic classical music from Antony Master and to sing for commercial recordings under his direction. We gladly add this Easter-song on thi s Easter-vigil to our Directory of Christian songs for future researchers on the history of Christian songs in Malayalam.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
Easter 2020

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