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Aramaic Project - II

Interviews and Performances - Video List

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AP 322 / AP2-10 - A different melody for the Osana hymn: Ann Lia Wilson

Music Ecumenism. Ann Lia Wilson sings Osana. Melody from the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East......


AP 316 / AP2-09 - Ann Lia Wilson Sings a post-communion song in Syriac. Music Ecumenism.

This video is a welcome addition to the section on Music Ecumenism in our digital library. We are searching for common melodies in the Syriac liturgies........


AP 303 / AP2-08 - WEHU NEHDE' by Rekha Wilson |Chaldean Syrian Church of the east, India.

Wehu Nehde' | 'Sliwadahwa lan'- the Syriac Chant and Melody from the Ramsa on saturdays. Mrs. Rekha Wilson sings in the melody and style of Chaldean Syriac Church of the East, India.


AP 281 / AP2-07 BAR MARYAM. Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India. Fr. A. Kaitharan

Here is another sample of Bar Maryam from the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India. This recording is unique for many reasons. First, Fr. Kaitharan sings the text exactly as it appears in Paul Bedjan’s book (1893 ).


AP 220 / AP2-06 - Edta Qay le(h) Osana Processional song from Palm Sunday By Fr Antony Kaitharan.(Trichur)

Edta Qay le(h) Osana. Fr. Antony Kaitharan sings the processional song from Palm Sunday, Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India.....


AP 206 / AP2-05 - Anthem of the Mysteries. Fr. Anthony Kaitharan. Three melodies.

Fr. Antony Kaitharan from the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India, sings three melodies of the 'Anthem of the Mysteries'. A special video. see more on Encyclopedia of Syriac chants http://thecmsindia.org/pagre-damashih.....


AP 205 / AP2-04 - ANN LIA and AGNA WILSON SING the Res Qala : Yada husawe.

Res Qala ("Head Melody"), Yada Husawe. Ann Lia Wilson and Agna Wilson Muriyadan. From the liturgical tradition of the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India, with comments from Dr. Joseph J. Palackal. See the Syro Malabar version at Aramaic Project 11.9....


AP 204 / AP2-03 - Slothak Avoon. SMITHA DOLPHI. Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India.

This particular song is the common patrimony of the Syro Malabar Church and the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India. Surprisingly, the melody that Smitha sings is the same as the melody that we hear in the Syro Malabar Church.....


AP 203 / AP2-02 - Wilson Muriyadan : One of a Kind in the Syriac World.

Wilson Muriyadan, who is a member of the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, India, is a person of particular interest to the Aramaic Project. Wilson is the owner of the most extensive private collection of books and manuscripts in Syriac in Kerala. Wilson’s collection includes many rare manuscripts and books that shed light on the history of the Syriac churches of the St. Thomas Christians in India.....


AP 202 / AP2-01 - Archbishop Mar Aprem Mookkan, Head of the Assyrian Church of the East.

Aramaic Project is entering into phase II with this informative conversation with Archbishop Mar Aprem Mookkan, the head of the Assyrian Church of the East. Among the eight churches of the St. Thomas Christians, the Assyrian Church of the East and the Syro Malabar Church share the same East-Syriac liturgy, but with a different mode of pronunciation and melodic repertoire.....


Our Mission

Christian Musicological Society of India is an international forum for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge, on the music, art and dance of about thirty million Christians in India, who belong to a diverse set of communities and linguistic groups and follow a variety of liturgical traditions some of which date back to the early Christian era. Founded in 1999 by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal CMI, the Society hopes that such researches will draw attention to the lesser known aspects of India in connection with the rest of the world.


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