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St. Thomas chant at Family Prayer on Sunday after Easter (St. Thomas Sunday).

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AP 277 - St. Thomas chant at Family Prayer on Sunday after Easter (St. Thomas Sunday).
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AP 277

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title St. Thomas chant at Family Prayer on Sunday after Easter (St. Thomas Sunday).
Duration 3:24
Place of Recording Ananthuruthil House, Palluruthy
Date of Recording 24 April 2022
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Despite the modernization of life in Kerala, India, and the ubiquitous presence of social media, the ancient practice of family prayer in the evening continues to be a part of the religious life of many Catholics in Kerala. In the video, we see the Ananthuruthil family using St. Thomas Chant that we recently posted under Aramaic Project-240 ( as the concluding hymn. The date of this event is significant. The St. Thomas Catholics consider the first Sunday after East as a special day because on this day, Jesus appeared to the eleven, especially for Thomas the Apostle. The Apostle makes an exuberant profession of faith in a two-word phrase, Mar Walah ("My Lord and my God"). This was the first time the word Alaha was applied to Jesus for the first time in the Gospels.

The video shows a unique practice of greeting the elders at the end of prayer by the younger ones. The ritual is powerful in cementing unity in the family.

"M'Sabhinan" is a particular song because it is one of the recent additions to the Syriac music repertoire. The lyrics by Rithin Chilampattusseril and Dr. Thomas Kollamparambil, CMI is a prayer of praise addressed to the Lord Jesus, but the prayer is in conjunction with Thomas the Apostle, the father in faith in India. There is a unique twist at the end of the lyrics with the Apostle's exuberant words at seeing the resurrected Jesus. Therefore the song is most appropriate for a day like this.

We hope more and more families among the St. Thomas Christians will include this song in their family prayer. We thank the Ananthuruthil family for setting an example.

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
26 April 2022

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User Comments

  • I love this video it reminds me so much of growing up in Ireland after dinner the whole family would Gather in the kitchen to say our family prayer which was called the Rosary the kitchen was the warmest room in the house we weren't rich but we had lots and lots of love which made us rich as a family I love this video because it shows a family praying together which is beautiful and if there were lots more families praying together the world would be a different place thank you - Nuala Joyce , April 2022

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