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The Expanding Worlds of the CMIs & the Aramaic language.

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AP 267 - The Expanding Worlds of the CMIs and the Aramaic language.
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AP 267

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title The Expanding Worlds of the CMIs and the Aramaic language.
Duration 4:09
Place of Recording Dharmaram Studio, Bengaluru, India
Date of Recording Dharmaram College on 1 March 2022
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CMI Brothers from Ghana & Kenya (Africa) sing CMI logo : in Syriac & 4 African Languages! Here is an interesting rendering of the CMI logo by the CMI seminarians from Africa. They sing and enjoy the CMI logo in the original Aramaic and then translation in four African languages. The singers embellish the original melody that Bro. Thomas Kappil Puthusseril, CMI (Dharmaram College, Bengaluru) set to music. The singers extend the geographical domain of the Aramaic Project to the African continent.

We are grateful to Bro. Thomas Kappil Puthusseril for taking the initiative for this recording and for granting us permission to make it available to our Aramaic Project audience across the globe.

Joseph J. Palackal,
CMI New York
10 March 2022

Keywords : Carmelites Of Mary Immaculate, Thomas Kappil Puthusseril, Dharmaram

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