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by H.H. Pope Francis
Iraq. 06 March, 2021 .

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AP 231 - Pope Francis celebrates Chaldean rite-Qurbana (trilingual) in Iraq .
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AP 231

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title Pope Francis celebrates Chaldean rite-Qurbana (trilingual) in Iraq .
Duration 1:47:55
Place of Recording Chaldean Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Baghdad
Date of Recording 6-March-2021
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We are fortunate to have the link to this historical event in Iraq, thanks to Br. Joseph Thekkedath Puthenkudy's timely intervention. His Holiness Pope Francis celebrates Qurbana (trilingual) in the Chaldean rite. The trilingual (Syriac, Arabic, and Italian) approach is a way to connect with the past and the present. The Qurbana started with Glory to God in the Highest, in Syriac. The Resurrection Hymn (Laku Mara) and the Trisagion (Qandisa Alaha), too, were in Syriac. The rituals, the gestures, hymns, performance practices, the Cross's shape, and several other elements in this Qurbana are worth giving our attention to. There is much here to learn from and talk about. The Chaldean Catholics trace their roots to St. Thomas the Apostle. In the words of Patriarch Louis Sako, "…. And in the footsteps of St. Thomas, the Apostle of our country" (1:39:16). See our earlier video in the Music Ecumenism series: Aramaic Project-207/AP3-01 It is good to see how our brethren in faith worship using the same liturgy that we are familiar with in the Syro Malabar Church. This celebration is a papal gift to the St. Thomas Catholics in India. The Patriarch's take on the oriental heritage is interesting: "Our Oriental identity that is drawing from the source and not from the streams" (1:40:14). We hope the Syro Malabar scholars on liturgy and church history will use this video for further studies on the shared Chaldean Catholic traditions. Special thanks to EWTN Special thanks to Chaldean Patriarch and the Synod Special Thanks to the Vatican Media And the Resurrection Television channel Reference: Aramaic Project-207/AP3-01 Joseph J. Palackal, CMI New York 12 March 2021

Joseph J. Palackal, CMI
New York
21 February 2021

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