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'Suwha Laha' | Glory Be
Minor Doxology in East Syriac

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AP 222 - Minor Doxology in East Syriac: Suwha Lawa/ Glory be .
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AP 222

Part Number Part I - Syro Malabar Church
Title 'Suwha Laha' | Glory Be, Minor Doxology in East Syriac
Duration 2:57
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Minor Doxology in East Syriac: Suwha Lawa/ Glory be

Fr. George Nellikkatt begins the Solemn Qurbana in Syriac with the Trinitarian doxology, ending with Halleluia (three times). Source: Babu Puthumana. Choir: Cicilan Paika. See full recording at . Aramaic Project - 157. The practice of starting the solemn Qurbana with the Trinitarian doxology and Halleluia may go back to the early seventeenth century, in compliance with the outcome of the Synod of Diamper (1599).

Keywords: Minor doxology. George Nellikkatt. Cicilian Paika. Babu Puthumana, Solemn qurbana in Syriac. Minor doxology, Christian Music, Syriac chants

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